Whitehaven Beach BBQ

The famous Whitehaven Beach BBQ is our “Point of Difference”!

Steaks and sausages cooked by your Captain on Whitehaven Beach.

Meet the wildlife of Whitsunday Island whilst dining!

Whitehaven Beach BBQ

The famous Whitehaven Beach BBQ is an Aussie BBQ lunch served right on Whitehaven Beach.

Like all restaurants in the Whitsundays, our business takes great pride in making the most of the fresh and local produce. We are proud of the food we offer throughout the day trip, especially the BBQ lunch!

We are a family business, therefore our meat selection and the overall food experience we provide is very important to us. In other words, you can be assured that we are personally taking care of what we provide you for lunch. Perhaps more so because one of our family members will be cooking the Aussie BBQ for your enjoyment. That said, our catering is all done by one of our crew in our own kitchen facilities the morning of the cruise. The Captain then becomes Captain Cook and puts his heart and soul into cooking the Whitehaven Beach BBQ.

The Menu consists of prime Australian rumps, Sausages, Chilli Burgers, Sauteed Onions, Aussie Chefs Salad, Rice Salad and a Tropical Fruit Platter – and always enough for seconds! Locally grown rockmelon, watermelons, pineapples and tomatoes and Capt Dan catches the fish for any fish eaters!

Homemade Vege Burgers or locally line caught fish can be ordered prior to the day of the tour. You can bet Captain Dan or Captain Shane caught the fish and had it on ice straight away, with Spanish Mackerel a target species.

Cooked to Order and served under the shade of the trees using the Whitsunday Island National Park facilities since 1989.

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