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Level 3 Contributor – 22 Reviews

Great day was all as good as advertised. We weren’t rushed anywhere we went. Staff were amazing. So very helpful with everything . Special thanks to Brayden who was amazing, friendly, helpful and made our day. Captain Dan & Chris also great.well worth the trip. Thanks guys.

July 2019


Jenny & John WA

Where do I begin….. we started the day with a courtesy bus pickup from our accomodation, the lady driver very friendly, we picked up all passengers & suddenly the bus driver says I have to stop for a minute. She pulled over to the side of the road, hopped out and went around the bus to where 2 young fellas were waiting for the school bus. They gave her the biggest hug & she got back in the bus & told us that’s her morning hugs she looks forward to from her grandsons. That was the most beautiful thing to see. This truly is a family business, there’s mum delivering the clients to the boats & her awesome sons, Dan & Shane, waiting to give us the experience of a lifetime. The catering is all done by the family & it truly is a good aussie barby. 
Now to why I recommend it other than the obvious above, we had 36 people on the boat today and we found it to be a friendly atmosphere where everyone socialised. The 2 crew, Clare & Chris were fantastic, they engaged with everyone on the cruise. 
We saw other cruises land on Whitehaven Beach & some had from 80 + passengers & I noticed the dynamics was nothing like ours, ours was more personal & intimate. Honestly if you’re going to head out to the Reef, let these guys be your guides, you won’t be disappointed. 
All the best to this lovely family. 

July 2019

Google Reviews

Andrew Fisher

Awesome crew!! So friendly and always wanting to help great for young kids!! The tour was amazing too! Loved Whitehaven

July 2019

Carol Grinstead

Great service. Everyone who has the opportunity to visit Whitehaven should do so, at least once, and Whitehaven Xpress is a great way to get there.

July 2019