Frequently Asked Questions to assist you to plan your holiday.

Do you operate everyday?

Yes we do, every day except December 24-25-26 and New Years Day.

We also do not like to take guests out in Wet Weather, Strong Wind Warnings etc.

How long do we have on Whitehaven Beach?

Approximately 2-2 ½ hours

Do you provide Transfers?

Yes we do – at No extra charge. We own and operate our own courtesy shuttles. A lot of tours charge extra for transfers!

How many people does the boat take?
Our maximum capacity is 47 passengers, however we usually carry 37 passengers.
Do you cater for Vegetarians?
Yes we do. We do our own catering in our approved catering facilities, and are happy to provide home-made vegetarian burgers. We also cater for Aquatarians with locally caught fish!
Do I need to book in advance?
It really depends on the time of year. During school holidays Whitehaven Xpress can book weeks in advance.
We recommend booking once you have made your travel plans.
If you are concerned about the weather being unfavourable on your selected date, you can change the date of travel if we have the availability or cancel your booking and receive a FULL refund.
Do you ever cancel due to bad weather?
If Whitehaven Xpress decides that conditions in the Whitsundays are unsafe due to a Strong Wind Warning from the Bureau of Meteorology we will cancel the tour.
In this situation, it is not an enjoyable day to be on the water and Whitehaven Xpress will issue a full refund to any passengers.
Can I smoke on board?
No it is a Non-smoking vessel, similar to any public transport.
However you can take smoke breaks at our Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet.
Do I have to wear a Stinger Suit?
Whitehaven Xpress requests our passengers wear a lycra stinger suit whenever they are in the water during “Stinger Season”.
Stinger suits are free of charge.
Exceptions to this requirement can be made at the discretion of the Captain on the day of your journey, but it’s not worth the risk!
While snorkeling outside of this season, ie the winter months we hire winter suits which are a fleecy lined lycra suit for your enjoyment, however they are not mandatory.
If i cant swim, can I snorkel?
NO, we have a No-Swim-No-Snorkel policy.
Our crew are experts at helping people learn to snorkel but to enjoy snorkelling and be safe we strongly recommend that you must be able to swim and have a reasonably good level of fitness.
Snorkelling can be a strenuous activity and the weather also plays a big role in this. For example, if it is calm and neap tides, then snorkelling is easy, but if the wind is over 20 knots, combined with full moon tides, and you are not very confident in the water, then snorkelling may not be so easy.
If you think you may not be able to manage snorkelling, or you can’t swim at all, then the best option our Glass-bottom boat.
How long do we Snorkel for?
It is dependent on your fitness, an average time is approx. 30 minutes.
Is there drinking water available on the boat?

Yes we have complimentary water for your refills and we also sell cold bottled water.

What should I bring?

Please bring a camera, beach towel, sunscreen, swim suit, hat, refillable drink bottle, sunglasses. Perhaps a light jacket for the cooler days and winter months.

We sell soft drinks, beers and ciders on board, so please bring some cash.

Most importantly bring a sense of adventure!

Do you have a toilet on board?

Yes, we have two toilets on board.

There are also toilet facilities at both Hill Inlet Lookout and Whitehaven Beach.