Whitehaven Beach Day Trips.

If you come to the Airlie Beach, researching Whitehaven Beach Day Trips and ultimately visiting these two stunningly beautiful locations should be on your list of things to do.

1. The world-famous Whitehaven Beach and

2. The most photographed place in Australia Hill Inlet Lookout.

These two places can not be repeated elsewhere, unike snorkeling for example that can be done in Cairns.

These two places are both definitely Bucket List destinations for people who love unspoilt nature at its best. These two locations make up the basis of most Whitehaven Beach Day Trips, usually with the compulsory snorkel or sometimes two snorkel locations – not recommended, OR with other beaches or some historical / indigenious locations.

However be warned that Whitehaven Beach & Hill Inlet Lookouts popularity, means they are now both very busy places due to the explosion of Whitehaven Beach Tours from Airlie Beach since 2015, not to forget the guests from resort islands again from 2019 and the bareboat charterers (on an experience of a life time). See My Wifes fleet!

I will advise later how to experience Whitehaven Beach & Hill Inlet when the Airlie Beach Tours and others have left their footprints, but you are going to need to return for that!

Whitehaven Beach Day Tours – Need to know?

There are just so many Whitehaven Beach Day Trips nowadays, compared to 30 years ago when it was just Whitehaven Xpress! (some will argue too many, and I would agree completely with them). By the way the original Whitehaven Xpress still continues to deliver a fine BBQ lunch at Whitehaven Beach, and we will discuss Whitehaven Xpress later in the article, which of course i’m partial to, however will be unbiased in this article.

Firstly, there are so many great options for all visitors to the Whitsundays – solo travellers, couples, grey-nomads, families, students, seniors, friends, and almost all day trips include lunch. Some charge extra so check the detail on the budget tours!

You should also know that the compulsury stinger suits (in stinger season) are a great sunscreen so wear them for both reasons! Some tours still choose to charge $8-10 additionally for stinger suits – which is not so cool in my opinion. More detail later on who does and who doesn’t charge an extra fee.

All of the Whitehaven Beach Day Tours take a similiar course, so the spectacular views of the Whitsunday Islands you pass along the way are the same. The main difference is the vantage points being higher (and better) on some vessels and some are more enclosed so alot drier than others. Some slower and some faster. Some noisier and some quieter!

Most of the day trips also offer a guided bushwalk to Hill Inlet Lookout, which is the number 2 reason your here! You must see Hill Inlet from the lookout, whilst access to Betty’s Beach is a bonus, it is the view from above that you’ve come for. I mean the changing swirling silica sands of Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet and the turquoise shallows make it so spectacular from above! A few tours don’t include Hill Inlet Lookout or charge to take you there from Whitehaven Beach – TIP avoid tours that do not include Hill Inlet Lookout.

What to Bring on your Whitehaven & Hill Inlet Cruise?

Make sure to bring sunscreen and a refill bottle for water so you don’t get sunburnt or dehydrated.

Towels, swimmers, sunglasses are all essential items, as well as some cash for onboard purchases.

Be sure to bring your camera or phone so you can let your best friends and families, the ones that appreciate nature and the environment, see what you experienced one day from Airlie Beach!

Let me say before I give my ratings below on all the different Cruises, that no matter which day cruise / day tour you choose, you are sure to make some memorable memories and you will certainly have a great experience.

Whitehaven Beach Tours – Where do we start?

There are a lot of options for Whitehaven Beach Day Trips from Airlie Beach.

Something for everyone, every age, and every budget. Compare and choose your perfect day at Whitehaven Beach from my Top 10 Airlie Beach Tours below!

Top 10 Whitehaven Beach Day Trips


#1 | Whitehaven Xpress

$190 Adult | $175 Concession | $130 Child | $600 Family | 40 Pax | Whitehaven Beach 2+hrs | Hill Inlet | Snorkel | BBQ Lunch on Beach | Suits inc | Views Excellent | Comfort Excellent 10/10 | Value Excellent 10/10

*Note best deal for Students & Seniors

#2 | Camira

$209 Adult | $188 Concession | $145 Child | $637 Family | 72 Pax

| Whitehaven Beach 1+hrs | Hill Inlet – not always! | Snorkel | BBQ Lunch with drinks on Boat | Suits inc | Views Excellent | Comfort Excellent 10/10 | Value 9/10

  • Note serves alcohol After 11am
# 3 | Big Fury

$tbc deals often – aussie experience – later departure

#4 | Ocean Rafting

$164 Adult | $164 Concession | $105 Child | $490 Family | 32 Pax | Whitehaven Beach 2+hrs | Hill Inlet | Snorkel | $16 Extra for Lunch | $8 Extra for Suits | Views Very Good | Comfort Good 8/10 | Value 7.5/10

  • Note many additional expenses on board
#5 | Cruise Whitsunday Full Day

$229 6 hours beach – way too long

# 6 | Redcat

$189 Adult, $189 Concession | $145 Child | $599 Family | 38 People | Whitehaven Beach – NO | Hill Inlet | Snorkel x2 | Lunch on board | Suits Reqd | Views Good | Comfort Hard – 7/10 | Value 7/10

  • Note hard seats – no padding
#7 | Whitsunday Bullet

$189 Adult | $189 Concession | $129 Child | $499 Family | 40 Pax | Whitehaven Beach 1.5hr | Hill Inlet| Snorkel | Cold lunch on boat | Views Very Good – OK | Comfort Good 8/10 | Value 7.5/10

  • Note SUPs
#8 | GSL Marine

$189 | Beach 1.5hrs | Hill Inlet | Snorkel | Buffet Lunch | Suits incl | SUP’s | View Good | Aluminium hull

# 9 | ZigZag