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Whitehaven Beach Tour

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Whitehaven Beach


Whitehaven Beach

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Hill Inlet Lookout


Hill Inlet Lookout

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Whitehaven Xpress | Airlie Beach Snorkeling

Whitehaven Beach BBQ


Whitehaven Beach BBQ

Whitehaven Xpress | Whitehaven Beach Tour

Whitehaven Beach

The Award winning Whitehaven Beach is simply pristine, positioned along the sheltered SE edge of Whitsunday Island.

Whitsunday Island is in the middle of all the 74 Whitsunday islands, and is a fast boat ride from Airlie Beach.

Did you know, it is true that the white soft silica sand of Whitehaven Beach can be seen from space!

With this in mind try sinking your toes into the wet soft silica sand of Whitehaven Beach whilst on the waters edge.

When visiting Airlie Beach, Whitehaven Beach is within reach and surely needs to be on your holiday itinerary.

For more information on Whitehaven Beach click here.

Hill Inlet Lookout

The swirling silica sands of Hill Inlet far below the lookout makes for a most memorable holiday experience!

Located just to the North of Whitehaven Beach and likewise located on Whitsunday Island.

In fact Hill Inlet Lookout is within sight of Whitehaven Beach and should be visited whilst on any Whitehaven Beach Tour.

The brilliant white soft silica sand under the turquois shallows results in several shades of brilliant blues, which must be seen to be believed!

Other options include helicopter or seaplane flyovers especially if you suffer from seasickness or time is of the essence!

For more information on Hill Inlet Lookout click here.

Airlie Beach Snorkeling

Snorkeling from Airlie Beach is really convenient because the fringing reefs are much nearer than the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Fringing reefs grow off the coastlines of most of the nearby Whitsunday islands, specifically Hook & Whitsunday Islands.

Snorkeling from Airlie Beach on a fringing reef therefore allows you to enjoy more experiences during a one day tour. For example Hill Inlet Lookout & Whitehaven Beach!

In addition, Whitehaven Xpress carries a Glass-bottom boat for non-swimmers.

In fact, both Captain Dan and Shane’s local knowledge will ensure you are taken to the best spots available for that particular day. For more information on Snorkeling click here.

Whitehaven Beach BBQ

Above all, Whitehaven Xpress has been conducting Whitehaven Beach Tours since 1989. In contrast to today the choice is now endless.

Our main “Point of Difference” is the food, for instance the Beach BBQ and our home made Vege burgers. In fact we believe the food you eat on holidays is a very important part of your overall holiday experience!

Our kitchen team prepares our own food resulting in guaranteed quality.

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