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Starting back 23 June 2020

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Whitehaven Beach Tour from Airlie Beach - Summary

Above all, Whitehaven Xpress proudly offers you the Best Value for Money Whitehaven Beach Tour from Airlie Beach.

Furthermore, we showcase the two most iconic Whitsunday destinations – Whitehaven Beach & Hill Inlet. 2 beaches for the longest time of any day tour.

Most Importantly, two local brothers Dan or Shane will captain with assistance from 2 local crew. As a result, our staff to guest ratio is above all others.

Whitehaven Xpress departs from Airlie Beach daily. She cruises at 20+ knots. Meanwhile, an interesting and fun commentary is delivered along the way. During the cruise, we pass island resorts and several Whitsunday islands. Most likely to see sea creatures like Humpback Whales in these cooler months.

Finally, imagine then enjoying 5 hours at Whitehaven Beach & Hill Inlet!

Lots of extra time at Whitehaven Beach to Swim, Sunbathe, Chill in the shade. Alternatively, take an optional guided hike to the new Whitehaven Lookout.

Would you like to enjoy a proper Aussie Beach BBQ lunch! Homemade salads, steaks, and more. However, all dietary requirements are catered. The lunch is the best of all the day tours. Grab a beer from the esky of drinks taken ashore!

Whitehaven Xpress is a purpose-built vessel for the Whitsundays. Offering comfortable and dry seating options, toilets, and bar service. Suitable for all ages from infants, children, students, families, and especially our seniors.

Whitehaven Xpress is family Owned and Operated. We have been conducting Whitehaven Beach Tours from Airlie Beach since 1989!

In short, we welcome you to join our friendly crew for the best experience to Whitehaven Beach & Hill Inlet. 

Why Choose Whitehaven Xpress?

Hill Inlet Lookout

Firstly, Hill Inlet is certainly the most recognized image promoting The Whitsundays.

Secondly, Whitehaven Xpress has scheduled more time for you than all other Airlie Beach Tours. Therefore you can truly take your time and relax when exploring Hill Inlet for 2 hours.

Your Aussie hosts Braden, Shane or Dan will guide you to the lookout. You will, therefore, be entertained and treated to some unique local stories. That is to say that their history and knowledge are unsurpassed

Certainly, you will appreciate more time at the lookout than on any other day tour.

Furthermore, you will then have the opportunity to spend time down at the beach level. In other words, the swirling sands below the lookout.

After that, perhaps take a quick dip in the shallows or take a selfie of the “insta-tree”!

Hill Inlet is located just to the North of Whitehaven Beach. The cruise between the two is about 10 to 15 minutes. 

To sum up, we encourage you to bring your infants, your kids your mums, and dads to explore Hill Inlet.

Note: As a result of diminishing Corals from 2015-2020, we removed Snorkeling from the tour in 2019. Subsequently, additional time is now offered at Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach. See GBRMPA Latest.

Aussie BBQ & Beers

Most importantly, the Whitehaven Beach BBQ is served on the beach. Rather than onboard the boat at anchor or underway!

Therefore our Whitehaven Beach BBQ is our main Point of Difference.

First of all, we use local suppliers and take great care with food preparation. In addition to that, we serve lunch on proper plates with proper knives & forks. 

Skipper Dan has cooked the BBQ on Whitehaven Beach for over 30 years now! On the other hand Captain Shane for about 10 years! Likewise, both brothers have truly mastered the Beach BBQ!

The menu consists of tasty prime tender steaks cooked to your liking. Sausages, chili rissoles, and sauteed onions. Various homemade salads accompany the grill. Served right on Whitehaven Beach. Generous, plentiful, and delicious, many consider this lunch as one of the best in the Whitsundays.

Furthermore, the Whitehaven Beach BBQ also proudly caters to all dietary requirements, Vegans, DF, GF, etc. The BBQ is enhanced further with home-made Vegetarian burgers and locally line-caught fish. However, please request prior to travel.

A full iced esky of beer and soft drinks is carried to the beach for your enjoyment! For instance, no other tour does that! 

But how is all this possible? We are the Owners and Operators! We prepare the food the very morning of the cruise in our own licensed food premises. Guaranteeing both quality and quantity.

In conclusion, we believe the food you eat on holidays is a very important part of your holiday experience! See our dining recommendations